Sauerkraut & Pork

Serves: 5 or more

4 to 6 big jars of sauerkraut (we use Vlassic Old Fashion Style)
Include ribs of some sort:
  - boneless country ribs
  - spare ribs
1 pork roast or pork tenderloin (cut into chunks)
2 cans of 12 oz beer
2 or 3 potatoes

Press as much of the juice out of the kraut as you can but save some aside if you need to add more liquid during the cooking process.  Cook in a big deep pot (not cast iron).

After you press out two jars of kraut put it into the pot then add a layer of pork and Pepper each layer heavily. Add another jar of kraut then more pork then the last jar of kraut on top. You should have 3 layers of kraus and 2 of meat.

Poor in the 2 cans of beer, cover pot tightly and cook on low for about 5 hours. Put the potatoes on top for the last 45 minutes or until they are tender.

This recipe originated from our father's mother, Prudence Snyder. They would traditionally make it on New Year's day.