Barley & Pine Nut Pilaf


1 1/2 C Pearl Barley

1/2 C (2 Oz) Pine Nuts

4 Oz Mushrooms (Sliced)

1/4 T Salt

4 3/4 C Chicken Broth

6 T Butter

1 C Chopped Green Onions

1/2 C Chopped Fresh Parsley (2 1/2 T Dried)

1/4 T Pepper


Preheat Oven To 350 Degrees. In A 10" Skillet, Heat Butter And Brown Pine Nuts. Remove With Slotted Spoon And Reserve. Saute Green Onions & Barley Until Lightly Toasted -- Remove From Heat. Saute Mushrooms. Stir In Remaining Ingredients. Spoon Into Ungreased 2-Quart Casserole (9x13 Pan). Heat Chicken Broth To Boiling & Pour Over Barley Mixture. Stir To Blend Well. Bake, Uncovered, For 1 Hour and 10 Minutes.